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Netflix uses cookies for personalization, to customize its online advertisements, and for other purposes. Netflix supports the Digital Advertising Alliance principles. You can change cookie preferences; continued site use signifies consent.By continuing to use our service, you agree to our use of cookies. At just-sixteen young Mattʼs thoughts about girls and cooties had not entirely separated. just thinking her name made him feel as if were bathed in sunlight. With that marvelous golden hair that floated halfway down her back, with her skin, the color of apple blossoms, even after tanning season, with her eyes like luminous, gold-flecked blue pools, and her lips . It was the best thing that had ever happened to him. Elena watched him in amusement over a glass of sparkling water. Sure, sheʼs a knock-out, but more important, sheʼs like . “Weʼll be ready in a few minutes,” Matt said, in his most princely dismissive tones. But, he figured, if Elena were really perfect, she wouldnʼt be human. Lee had a right to have an attitude like that, Elena Gilbert was that person. Despite all his preparation, the prices still took Mattʼs breath away. But if Elena ordered a steak, he could have the chicken, which was only . The entrees came with vegetables, but there was also the appetizer to consider. It was as if light constantly danced around her, as if sometime she might just disappear into the light. “Well, I had an old Labrador Retriever,” he said, slowly, “but she got cancer and—well that was about six months ago.” “Oh, Matt! Matt only calmed down when he remembered he probably should have gotten the white rose, to go with Elenaʼs outfit. But Elena was still laughing, “Meredith would have taken her to pieces,” Elena gasped finally. And then he could have the salmon cakes appetizer, which was only . Okay, so he had been a late bloomer, a slow learner. And he was going to wear his new pants and an ironed shirt, a real tie that his mother had given him last Christmas, and his brand new sports jacket to the most wonderful event he could imagine. It was also lucky that his car knew the way to the flower shop all by itself, because his brain definitely wasnʼt there to direct it. “I would have thought you football guys werenʼt allowed to eat butter,” she said, twinkling her eyes at him. He could suggest they share the spinach salad, which was only . Then even if she wanted a desert, heʼd have plenty to indulge her— but wait, there were the drinks. That sparkling water was a bottle—each Coke was . Hell, he thought, I can just “get a stomach-ache” and not be able to order any entrée, he thought. And then they could even have desert and coffee, too, if he cut the tips to the bare minimum. Heʼd last seen it when he was playing with his wallet at home, day-dreaming about the date. Cuddly, romantic—the greatest danger in this story is the risk of social humiliation." L. A ten dollar bill and six cents left over from what the six neighbors on the cul- de-sac had given him to rake all the autumn leaves from each yard into a giant bonfire-pile. The glass-shattering coughing was beginning and Matt wanted a nurse to check on Uncle Joeʼs oxygen saturation level. Matt found that he was grinding one fist into his thigh, painfully. ” Elena said softly, “Thatʼs one of my favorites.” One of her favorites. Matt escorted her to the car and opened the passenger door for her as quickly as he could and got her settled in. It was like being with your favorite relative, only better. The waiter came back, but Elena waved him off with a languid hand. This year heʼd had to take a drama class to fill out his schedule, and they were performing “Two Gentlemen of Verona.” Matt just couldnʼt get his mind into the play. He was circling the solar system somewhere around the planet Neptune and comets and asteroids were sailing around with him, bonking him on the head every so often. Just the rushing wind, with the inlet big and blue underneath me, and the feeling of traveling—fast—through the air. “But you kept the ball yourself and ran it—and ran it—and ran it for an amazing touchdown just before four Cougers tackled you at once.” “Yeah; they broke my collarbone, too,” Matt said, grinning. I was soaring somewhere over the clouds.” “People were screaming and kissing and throwing things,” Elena said. One of them grabbed me and tried to French kiss me.” And I bet his mind wasnʼt on the game, Matt thought, and surprised himself by saying, “Tell me his name and Iʼll break his jaw for him.” “Oh, I already kicked him in the shin,” Elena said calmly. Matt had a crazy impulse to go down on one knee and ask her to marry him right then and there. Itʼs really good.” Matt nodded vigorously so he wouldnʼt have to look her in the eye. There was some kind of smoked salmon on the appetizers list. “Heʼs not going to forget us in a hurry,” she said. Margaret brings them home half-starved, Aunt Judith slaves over them and then they run around the neighborhood—” She made a slight, meaningful gesture. He had a low tolerance for furry animals getting squashed, but he had to be macho about this. Now that you have fallen under her spell, nothing will tear you apart from her. It, well, it reminds me of you.” “Why, Matt Honeycutt! ” Elena tapped him gently with the rose, and then began caressing her lips with it.

Coming down those stairs all dressed up was a regular occasion for her, smiling down at a guy was a everyday thing. He and Elena were going to have a wonderful evening together. “Listen, I want you to make sure you keep warm—” Aunt Judith was beginning, when Elena, never taking her eyes off his, said, “Hello, Matt.” Her voice was sweet, with just a trace of a southern accent that lingered in your ears. another scent that must just be her natural fragrance, eau de Elena. “I forgot; I blew it all on this purse and some new makeup. “The poor man— weʼll have to give him all we have left for a tip . “Just for the idiots I have to put up with sometimes. She made the right decision, almost too late and by the time large drops of brownish white were falling off the spoon it was safely over a napkin that Matt was holding with his other hand. The, before Matt knew what was happening an object loomed out of nowhere at him and cold steel touched his teeth. It was an elderly couple, perhaps in their sixties. But now he was gut-sure that this couple would say something that would take all the shimmer off the date, like rubbing a butterflyʼs wings with dirty fingers. “And thank you, sir, for noticing it before we got outside and it got all muddy.” “To tell you the truth, Iʼd have mentioned it before,” the old gentleman whispered.

You look like your father when he was young.” Matt could feel himself going an even deeper red. In his own mind, he referred to it as “The Junk Heap.” But there was nothing he could do about it, so he was just hoped Elena wouldnʼt see too much of it in the darkness. “But itʼs easiest if you just ask their permission to take me out. I thought that was really fascinating,” Elena said, and he realized that she was telling the truth, that she was interested. Sometimes, somehow, you feel as if youʼre part of the car and its part of you. He would have thought you had to sit at attention and watch the salad being tossed, but no—Elena clearly had seen enough of such sideshows. It was mostly white but the inner petals were touched with pink and the outer petals with a color that was almost golden.

His car—well, he was sort of hoping Elena wouldnʼt look at his car. It was just a junkyard collection of miscellaneous parts that Matt had somehow managed to attach to the skeleton of his dadʼs wreck and make use of as a vehicle. With a sort of gasping gulp he couldnʼt help, Matt loosened his collar a little as he turned. Nobody jumps Elena—” Caroline: “I think Iʼll go with him instead. “Theyʼre a nuisance,” she said to Matt, nodding at the three girls hanging over the stairs. And behind the stable where its horses were kept, was a stable of thoroughbred horses, racing horse, right? And I guess thatʼs one reason I like to think about them.” “Donʼt apologize. “So speed is a part of it,” Elena said, smiling at him, her cheeks glowing pink in the candlelight. Like when I get to drive a better car than The Junk Heap out there—like a convertible, and I put down the roof, and I drive really fast on a straightaway or around little sudden hilltop curves. There was no reason to do it—it was a stupid impulse—but something inside Matt burst as he saw the girl, who was dressed like a gypsy, turn away. “Iʼd like to get that.” He gently touched one rose that was in almost full bloom.

And yet here it was, in front of him, walking down the staircase. —and the layers foamed and bubbled almost down to Elenaʼs knees. My favorite restaurant is Hot Doggles—yes, the hotdog place back in Fellʼs Church. They each wanted to let the other one have the first bite of chocolate soufflé. Of course, he had a hard time believing the look, so he had to look up frequently. “Weʼve been watching you two young lovebirds,” the man said, in a slightly quavering voice that made Matt readjust his age by maybe ten years up.

And then he was looking at a thin, rather plain woman, who gave him a bright smile and said, “You must be Elenaʼs new date. Matt had heard of something so stunning it knocked your eyes out, but heʼd never imagined that heʼd actually see something like that metaphor in the flesh. The bottom of the dress was layers and layers of some see- through material—chiffon? I know itʼs for kids, but itʼs really exciting to run and run and suddenly feel the wind bite. He loved to look at her when her cheeks flamed and her blue eyes took fire. ” Elena whispered as Matt frantically calculated the tips for waiter and valet. ” he whispered back, and again they broke out into laughter together. Matt could only hope that his own relieved grin was as free of goo. ” Elena said, then, looking him deeply in the eyes. The dessert was wonderful, but more wonderful was the look in Elenaʼs eyes every time Matt looked up.

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