The courtship of princess leia online dating

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She calls him sweet, but he feels that he has once again failed. After some seriously terrible thinking, Han essentially kidnaps Leia and brings her to Dathomir aboard the Millennium Falcon. Leia agrees to spend just a week on Dathomir with Han, and if she falls in love with him, they will marry.If she still hates him for kidnapping her, he will submit to a court-martial.

Han assumes that Leia will refuse, believing that they have an understanding.The meeting becomes a huge spectacle, with Leia, adorned in all her regal glory and surrounded by thousands of spectators.The Hapans present Leia with incredible gifts, one from each planet.He is told that it is pleasant and temperate, with beautiful oceans and impressive vistas.He presents Leia with the deed to Dathomir, seeking to win her over.

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