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The 138 had a single carburetor and 76 hp (57 k W), and was also available in a sportier 90 hp (67 k W) iteration.[3] The 135 featured independent, leaf-sprung front suspension, a live rear axle, and cable operated Bendix brakes. Transmission was either a partially synchronized four-speed manual or a four-speed Cotal pre-selector.The list of independent body suppliers offering to clother the 135 chassis is the list of France's top coach-builders of the time, including Figoni & Falaschi, Letourner & Marchand, Guilloré, Marcel Pourtout, Frères Dubois, J Sautchik, Franay, Antem and Henri Chapron.[4] Production of the 3.2-litre version ended with the German occupation in 1940 and was not taken up again after the end of hostilities.135MSShort wheelbase 135MS (1937) An even sportier version, the 135MS, soon followed.Il en résulte une grande diversité de la faune et de la flore dans un parc au caractère champêtre fort apprécié pour la promenade, le pique-nique en famille ou le jogging Manufacturer: Peugeot SA, Sochaux Type: 402 B Limousine Engine: 2142cc straight-4Power: 60 bhp / 4.000 rpm Speed: 125 km/h Production time: 1935 - 1940Production outlet: 15,500Curb weight: 1280 kg Special:- The body style looks like a Chrysler Airflow ("les idées du Streamline Modern") and its nickname in France was "Ligne Fuseau Sochaux" ("Sochaux spindle").- The headlights behind the grille was typical Peugeot in the '30.- A wide range of 16 different bodies was available.- This mid-level model had recessed door handles, safety pin locks, a twelve volt system and optionally also has an electromagnetic three-speed Cotal gearbox with preselectors and diesel engine options.- The "B" model (1938-1940) became a larger engine (2142cc instead of 1991cc/55bhp)- Three speed manual gearbox. Added to the gallery Delage D8 The D8 was the pinnacle of the marque.It was offered in three wheelbases, "S" or "C" at 130 in (3,300 mm), "N" at 140 in (3,600 mm), and "L" at 143 in (3,600 mm), all powered by a 4,061 cc (247.8 cu in) (77 by 109 mm (3.0 by 4.3 in)) straight eight, making it capable of 85 mph (137 km/h).The commercial and financial situation of the firm was badly shaken.In 1932 Delage introduced the type D6-11 (6-cylinder 2101 cc), and two years later the new eight-cylinder Delage, type D8-15 (2768 cc).Delage followed in 1932 with the Grand Sport, on a 123 in (3,100 mm) 130 in (3,300 mm) in 1934) wheelbase, capable of 100 mph (160 km/h).

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" This Delage 3 Litre grand touring car is believed to date from 1939, although it may not have been completed until after the war.

These two models, equipped with independent front wheel suspension did not increase sale figures.

The transverse leaf and wishbone independent front suspension was licensed by Studebaker for their cars.

Delahaye 135 was an automobile manufactured by Delahaye.

Designed by young engineer Jean François, it was produced from 1935 until 1954 in many different body styles. History The Delahaye 135, also known as "Coupe des Alpes" after its success in the Alpine Rally, was first presented in 1935 and signified Delahaye's decision to build sportier cars than before.

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