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Presumably the answer is in the enthralling nature of the story itself.Also it is considered that the Japanese are more interested in selling Sekirei to Japan rather than to North America as they made more DVD sales there and that’s why the western petition for the third season creation was not that effective.Although, there is no official confirmation that the anime release is on their agenda we presume that it will be not later than winter 2015/16.Sahashi Minato ha fallado el examen de ingreso a la Universidad dos veces, no es muy popular con las mujeres y esta desempleado.Many mysteries remain to be uncovered and problems to be overcome.These concern the Eastern, Western and Southern parts of the city.Some people think that the fact that the manga plot goes astray from the anime’s is not the big deal as good animators will do their best to overcome this obstacle in the plot.As a matter of fact sekirei season 3 and possible sekirei fourth season will end this anime.

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Third season is deemed to be more amusing one as the story was not over in second season.They say Sekirei manga is praiseworthy but Sekirei anime is more engrossing and entertaining.Among many reasons for the delay of the release date was deemed to be the deadly earthquake that struck Japan in 2011 and its consequences that afflicted the whole economy of this country.Some even wish all seasons be released the same time to avoid uncertainty and long wait.Even the fact that sekirei manga is ongoing and is in its final stage and besides there are many other interesting anime like Sekirei, it do not quench the people’s desire to watch the third season as soon as possible.

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