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Anyone know any way of downloading the video on this page?

Preferably i use portable freeware and firefox, but everything i'v tried just doesn't work with this "livestream" video.

Once you do this, you can invite your friends into the event and also make it a private event or a public one.

I want to record this and view it in offline .................. Hi I've just tried to download livestreaming from: Many fragments appear... (I clicked on the DOWNLOAD ALL button) My goal is to be able to burn the movie on a DVD so we watch it from the DVD.

(see the screenshot) Screenshot: Do you know to do it, using Hi Download Platinum OR any other similar software which does the job!

- However Stream Transport has a big problem: memory management.

After downloading a few big TV Shows (400 MB each), my computer starts to creep and I have to restart it (I have to restart the computer, not the program). I tried the other programs in the list of the first post in this thread, but they are really really weak.

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