Raddatepicker selected date not updating

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Speaking on behalf of these awesome engineers of developer tooling is Sam Basu, a Developer Advocate for Telerik products and Xamarin aficionado.After all, where else could you reuse your skills in C#/XAML to make apps that run on every platform with a truly unified single codebase?Now the Date Picker's current date is set to today.If the user selects "yesterday" lets say and clicks done, the event is fired and the note is added. what is the best way to get the Date Selected event?

Date: Rad Date Picker dp = new Rad Date Picker(); dp = current Values as Rad Date Picker; if (dp.

I find the textbox control using jquery, currenttextbox may not be correct anymore. The currenttextbox keeps track of which textbox the newly selected date should go in to, the calendaropen flag tells me whether the calendar pop-up is visible.

Aspx , , updateitemdatecallback, json ); } function updateitemdatecallback(data, textstatus) ; int itemid = 0; Â Â Â Â datetime newdate = datetime.

On page load: This will get you an initial calendar load that shows 2 weeks back and 2 weeks forward and only allow the user to select inside that date.

For example, I want it to begin 2 weeks before the current date and ends two weeks after the current date.

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