Lauren condrad dating

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This is another place to be you and show off your personality.

Quirky, fun photos that get across the type of person you are will help fellow swipers get an idea of what you’re like in real life.

"He is very good for me because we have a lot in common as far as where we grew up," she said.

"It's the first time I'm with someone and I'm not explaining things.

Remember, at the end of the day this is all about you.

Their "friendmance," as Jenner would later describe it, turned into just friendship.

In fact, she had so much faith in their romance that she famously chose Jason over Paris.

But, Jason and LC were not meant to be, even if longtime rival Spencer Pratt tried to cook up rumors of a sex tape, for which he later, rather shockingly, apologized for.

It looks like a Hollywood "Hills" ending for Lauren Conrad!

The MTV darling confirmed her engagement to former Something Corporate rocker William Tell over the weekend.

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