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Le Bron announced the decision in a first-person Sports Illustrated letter that name-dropped Kyrie Irving, Tristan Thompson, Dion Waiters and Anderson Varejao – but not Andrew Wiggins. David Blatt said the Cavaliers wouldn’t trade Wiggins. Le Bron reached out to Love and expressed interest in teaming up. Brian Windhorst of ESPN on Sirius XM NBA Radio: I think he’d still be there. What would have happened to Wiggins in Cleveland if he, like Le Bron, were represented by agent Rich Paul’s Klutch Sports Group?If Wiggins would have been having a relationship with Le Bron in the weeks leading up to the draft, then it would have been a no-brainer.There might be some speculation in that comment, but it’s definitely informed speculation. Le Bron is loyal to Paul and obviously has considerable sway within the organization. The Cavaliers planned to try trading for Kevin Love if Le Bron James signed in Cleveland. And on July 7th, the Cavs felt like, if they signed Le Bron, they would just keep Wiggins, that they wouldn’t trade him for Love. Le Bron definitely wanted to play with Kevin Love, but remember, Wiggins was not mentioned in the Le Bron letter.No curb rash other than one penny sized spot on the rear wheels when mounting tires.

Modern plastics don’t crack as easily as the old stuff, but the genius award goes to lidded trays: You can stack them before the water sets.This past weekend I purchased and installed a set of 205-45-16 Bfgoodrich sport comp 2's on the front. Going with a more oem look with my wheels and picking up a set of 16x8 style 5's.(paid 6) I'm likely keeping the wheels, but I'm open to trade offers for different wheels. Now is your chance to get 00 wheels with fresh tires for the price of the wheels alone!!I don’t think Le Bron pushed out Wiggins as punishment for not signing with Paul.But Wiggins signing with Paul would have bonded him with Le Bron in a way that never happened.

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