Iglesia ni cristo dating rules

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I really can't tell you why because may be you just couldn't understand me or get my point.

INC members would often invite guests to their gatherings to entice you and convince you how "marvelous" the INC chapel from inside.

The scheme of INC of increasing cult members will later be used during elections.

INC often boasts to politicians that they are already millions of INC members but the recent 2010 national election reveals to true number of INC voting population. Eduardo Manalo and INC vote is a failure First: Iglesia Ni Cristo will dictate you that you should only fall in love to INC members Second: Iglesia Ni Cristo will dictate you what to believe (weird doctrines) Third: Iglesia Ni Cristo will dictate you who you should vote in elections You are trapped like a bird in a small cage.

Expulsion will be given to all who will not follow the Iglesia Ni Cristo's doctrine of bloc-voting to elections and non-compliance of falling in love to INC members only.

FIRST, Iglesia Ni Cristo will change your decision on what your heart dictates in politics then SECOND, Iglesia Ni Cristo will also change your heart to whom you should marry.

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