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I find it interesting that Personality Page claims "ENTP's natural partner is the INFJ, or the INTJ.

The ENTP's dominant function of Extraverted Intuition is best matched with a personality that is dominated by Introverted Intuition."First, the good stuff. They stimulate our minds, inspire our creativity, and broaden our horizons.

And I know what would help...a humongous chunk of alone time, free from distractions, to find my creative flame and nurture it back to life. Upbeat and optimist, they are insatiably curious about the world around them, and their strong intuition gives them the ability to quickly process situations and come up with logical deductions.

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If the ENTP keeps an objective focus, he/she might frequently come across as insensitive, which could put barriers between the two types.That I always need to introduce her to people while I feel she should develop some "confidence"/" willingness to jump in the deep and that she judges sometimes without looking at the context.. No match is 100% perfect and she is lovely as she is.Glad to have her and wouldnt want anyone else ever.Been busy and a little unfocused the past several weeks. I'm not sure exactly how to describe the funk I'm in, but it seems to happen when my brain is mulling over too many concepts and doesn't seemed excited about any of them.Instead of a clear path ahead, I get one that looks like a blurred photograph, and it stops me in my tracks. The INFJ has enormous powers of concentration, and we feel very accomplished when we're doing our thing and doing it well (yeah, it's usually both).

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