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Within Micronesia, there are several political entities: the Marshall Islands, Palau, the US Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, the US territory of Guam and the Federated States of Micronesia.

The Federated States of Micronesia comprises the 4 main island groups which are the States of Chuuk, Yap, Kosrae and Pohnpei. Pohnpei in the FSM is 16 hours ahead of US Eastern Standard Time.

You must file an application with Social Security and they will determine your eligibility. Each state has different requirements for applicants of welfare assistance. Yes, FSM citizens are eligible to receive the PELL Grant. Please refer to the following US Department of Education website for more information. You may obtain a special travel document from the Embassy or Consulates for return travel to Micronesia. How do I get a travel document to go back to the FSM with my US-born child?

You must check with the State to reside in to determine your eligibility. Children without passports and carrying the Embassy’s travel document, may only travel directly to the FSM. Please fax a copy of birth certificate and copy of FSM passport of parent travelling with the child to the FSM Embassy in Washington at (202) 223-4391.

If your Social Security card was issued with a prohibitive legend, then it has been issued incorrectly.

You do not need a visa and you are permitted to stay for the duration of your stay. It does not expire and is valid until you depart the US.

If you are new in the US and are a first-time applicant for an SS card and are experiencing difficulties, you will be asked to fax only your passport and I94, including your home address and phone number and copies of any communications you’ve had with Social Security. I am retired military, can I bring non-US citizen, wife and dependents to the US? You may not travel through Japan, but may only travel directly from the US to the FSM (travel via Hawaii or Guam). Can the Embassy or Consulates renew or extend my passport?

If you have lost your passport and your SS card, you must FIRST apply for a new FSM passport from FSM Immigration before we can get your SS card re-issued. Yes, FSM citizens are eligible to apply and be issued a US Social Security number. No, only active duty military personnel may bring in third-country dependents into the US under the Compact of Free Association entry privileges. US Selective Service Do I have to register for the US Selective Service? Please refer to the US Selective Service website for more information. No, neither the Embassy or Consulates is authorized to renew or extend validity of expired passports.

The current processing fee is 0 and is subject to future changes as authorized by US law.

Please make sure to visit this page link ( or visit the US CIS main page( stay informed of future changes to the processing fee and other changes in general.

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