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Residents have since then seemed to feel slightly aggrieved with some actions in the new City and have more than once stated at Council meetings and in the local newspapers over the years that they are 'second cousins to those in Ringwood." The Croydon area is served by two weekly newspapers, The Maroondah Journal and The Maroondah Leader.

In 2008, The Victorian Electoral Commission, conducted an Electoral Representation Review.

The Main Street has ample parking on and behind the shops.

The Croydon Market Complex as it is now known, has been subject to several development applications including one for a small cinema complex to be built, which did not eventuate.

At the 2006 Census, Croydon had a population of 22,029.

In the early 2000s the site was expanded to include an Aldi supermarket, taking over part of the existing carpark on the Kent Avenue side of the block.

The Post Office opened on 1 December 1883 after the railway arrived and was known as Warrandyte Railway Station for some months until the station name was changed to Croydon. In 1912 Croydon was proclaimed and gazetted a town.

A Nelson's Hill Post Office opened in the area in 1902 and was renamed Burnt Bridge in 1979. In 1925 the Croydon section of the Lilydale line was electrified, and Lilydale a month later. As part of its increasing passenger traffic the bus station or interchange was revamped in the early 2000s and is used by Croydon Bus, Invicta and Ventura buses.

This resulted in the existing seven wards being amalgamated into three.

Retaining three names, each new ward has three Councillors.

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