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During early 1970s, Pringles -- 'made from some type of potato mash' -- took a large share of the potato chip market, drawing a cry of protest from other potato chip manufacturers, Mrs. 'By then, we had an International Potato Chip Institute, and I had been over to Europe to help organize it over there,' Mrs. She said the institute put pressure on Procter & Gamble to stop it from calling the product 'potato chips.' It was successful.

Then, with the health food movement, came the 'natural' potato chips.

Medical science can do some amazing things today that can help people with their self image.

Currently, potatoes can only be sold in bags that total less than three pounds or in exact weights of three, five, 10, 15, 20, 25, 50 or multiples of 100 pounds. Elder Vogel, chairman of the Senate Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee, which also approved of the potato bill, sees abolishing the weight restrictions as a metaphor for "common sense" in Harrisburg.

Following the state House's approval to lift the weight restrictions by a vote of 197-0 on Thursday, it's apparent that lawmakers aren't teetering on tubers and Argall declared Pennsylvania "one step closer to repealing this obsolete restriction and allowing the market to dictate potato packaging." The Republican from Schuylkill County added: "This is another example of undue government intrusion that only frustrates consumers and taxpayers with another unnecessary bureaucracy." The proposed legislation now heads back to the Senate for a vote, after which it would go to Gov. “I also believe that the Commonwealth could make better use of its resources than to hinder the livelihood of our farmers,” Senator Vogel said.

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